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I offer classes throughout the year at various locations in the Portland metro and Seattle/South Puget Sound areas. Classes are presented in a lecture and demonstration style, run 2˝-3 hours, and cost $29-39 each. Included are informational handouts, recipes, and generous samples of all recipes prepared in class. Take one class - or a bunch. To register, call the phone number that follows the name of the site at which you'd like to attend. So come hungry and thirsting for knowledge. And bring a pen and paper, too.

Portland Metro

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Seattle/South Puget Sound

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  • Chemeketa Community College/Salem
  • Corvallis Parks & Recreation
  • East Portland Community Center
  • Gladstone Community Schools
  • Milwaukie Center
  • Portland Community College/Beaverton
  • Tualatin Hills Parks & Rec/Cedar Hills
  • Vancouver Parks & Rec/Firstenburg CC
  • West Linn Parks & Recreation
  • Lacey Parks & Recreation
  • Olympia Parks & Recreation
  • Pierce College/Puyallup

Class Descriptions

  • Adventures with Tofu - Designed to greatly expand your tofu knowledge and repertoire of recipes using those soft, white blocks.
  • Adventures with Tempeh - Explore this naturally fermented soybean product in a variety of hearty, savory dishes.
  • Beans & Whole Grains - Learn how to prepare a variety of nourishing, tasty, and simple vegetarian dishes with beans and unrefined grains.
  • Cheeses & Milks Vegan-Style - Hard blocks of "cheese" and rich, creamy "milks" all made from wholesome, non-dairy ingredients.
  • Cooking with Greens - Incorporating such dark leafy green calcium-all stars as collards, kale, and bok choy into your diet.
  • David's Vegan Kitchen - We'll cover the rich diversity of a wholesome, low-fat pure vegetarian diet including a look at soy foods.
  • Gluten-Free Baking - Healthy baking without gluten is easy and scrumptious, using only wholefood ingredients.
  • Go Cheesy Dairy-Free - Make your favorite delicious cheese dishes - even hard blocks of "cheese" - all without dairy or worries.
  • Grab-and-Go - Easy to prepare tasty, portable, out-of-hand meals to keep you fueled up as you're dashing about.
  • Milk Without The Moo - Making a variety of delicious and wholesome non-dairy milks at home is easier than milking a cow.
  • Soups & Salads - Experience hearty soups and salads prepared with a medley of vegetables, beans, tofu, tempeh, and whole grains.
  • Sweet Sensations - Wickedly good sweets made with easy-to-find wholesome ingredients.
  • Thanksgiving - This Thanksgiving holiday feast echoes tradition, yet uses only wholesome, animal-free ingredients. (Oct. & Nov. classes)

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